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  • Minimum Member Requirements
  • ¤ You are 18+ / 20+ for Raiders
  • ¤ You request membership to the Facebook-group Flaskaholics

If this looks interesting, get in touch with our Recruiter who is always hard at work:
Cidernoms... (yeah, that's her rank) Sonéa

Or, get in touch with any of our Raiding/Admin Officers:
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Patch 6.1 and Flaskies Changes
We are up for the challenge!
We are making some changes to the current raiding as we will be adjusting slightly and aiming towards a somewhat stronger focus on progression for the main runs on WED/FRI/SUN. This has some implications on how and whom, and the group will be trimmed to match the challenges of each particular night. Some might be pulled in for the farmable bosses and then put on standby for the bosses the group is still working on for progression.
Guild Bank Cash Flow
Sadly, with the removal of some guild perks as well as the general mentality of guild memberships (not only inside Flaskaholics, but more in general for the everchanging player base) and the direction the game has taken over the last few expansions, our Guild Bank is quickly running short of funds. The guild has not done any investing or bought any major things since the release of Warlords, but even so, the balance has dropped drastically...
Highmaul Full Clear
So, Flaskies! 2015 has been around for a while, we've all survived the Holiday Season without any major issues aside from the obvious of being Flaskaholics. There's been mentions of everything from Tequila to Ciders and on to the darkest of Whiskeys - but we seem to have come out the other end with no real loss.
Highmaul time!

Alrite! We should by now have more than enough 100s at the required ilvls and with the courage to join us as we go for Highmaul. Time to flask up and prepare. Remember, 630+, be ON MUMBLE before raid start.


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