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Written by Euphemia   
Friday, 05 November 2010 13:50

Flaskaholics was created by a core of experienced raiders who wanted a little utopia for anyone enjoying all this game has to offer. We are now a mixture of veteran warcraft players with a lot of raid experience and newer players. We strive to help all our members no matter what rank they hold within the guild. Raiders are not the only important players to us.

We have ranks for all schools of players; from people who just want to have fun when online, to players who are ready and able to progress in the newest game content. The social side of our guild is very laid back while the raid side still abides by strict rules to ensure that while having fun, we can progress without drama or delays though we will always try do progress at a rate that keeps the guild alive and not burnt out.

We offer activities from Casual Raiding (Current, alt & old school raids) to guild parties and competitions.

Here at Flaskaholics, we are trying to offer the complete guild experience. We are fun and social but we are serious when it comes to areas such as guild reputation so anyone that wants to join our ranks must be aware of this. We are looking for people who enjoy the whole WoW experience, not just raid fillers. Though all we can see is your avatar, we want to know and trust the player pressing the buttons. So, if you only want to log for raids, then we are not the place for you. We want active people that want to have fun and like to experience more than just end game content.

We welcome anyone to apply! Being new players, newly dinged 100's, or people who wish to experience Flaskaholics, and maybe even join in on our casual raids. If you would like to join our ranks and have some good times with nice people then please get in touch.

Flaskaholics also has Guild Bank Repairs for all members of rank Flask-a-holic or above.

All Flaskaholics must sign up as members on our Facebook Group Page "Flaskaholics". Found here: Flaskies on Facebook

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